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History of raised roof

Inside our house : history of raised roof

In the late 90’s, our house designed a brand new concept : the raised roof.

When Mercedes-Benz unveiled its Mercedes S Class W220, we have immediately understood that some VVIP clients were missing the large door bays and interior volume of the previous model, the Mercedes S Class W140.

We have drew some projects of raised roof on the Mercedes S Class W220 and presented them to a few clients. They have immediately adopted the concept and production has started.

Mercedes-based Limousine became VVIP

Since then, Mercedes S Class with raised roof has become a must-have for some VVIP’s in the world.

Some years later, we were honored to realize that the German Coachbuilder had adopted the same concept for its famous Pullman ©  State Limousine production.

Nowadays, this concept became a standard for all our VVIP sedans and limousines.

Most of our vehicles based on Mercedes S Class and Mercedes-Maybach have roof raised by 10 cm. This improvement offers unequalled comfort both in terms of ease of access and imperative interior space.

They can also be equipped with armoured Parade Roof for the rear compartment, on demand.

Mercedes-Benz having stopped production of its last Pullman, Carat 1000 limousine is now the only armoured State Limousine available on the market.

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