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As the leader in custom vehicle manufacturing, no detail is overlooked. Our goal is to integrate the latest technologies with the best of traditional, hand-built production methods to satisfy your requirements and lifestyle.

When it comes to bespoke extended wheelbase automobiles, our worldwide reputation is unmatched.

For 50 years, more than 40 Heads of state have placed their trust in us.

Carat 200 (based on Mercedes-Maybach X223)
Carat 1000 (based on Mercedes-Maybach X223)
Carat 500 (based on Mercedes-Maybach X223)
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 XL extended by 30 cm in rear doors
Range Rover Autobiography EWB extended by 20 cm in front doors
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 XXL extended by 50 cm in central section


Our experience in manufacturing specialty off-road vehicles is unmatched in the industry. Our SUV’s are truly exceptional on more grounds than one.

For over 30 years regardless of requirement, whether falcon hunting in deserts of Middle-East, taking a safari in Africa or even driving in the snow of the Alps, our chassis and interior conversions are to the same high-quality standard as the most expensive Heads of state’s limousines.

These prestigious off-road automobiles incorporate our whole philosophy : the highest degree of safety and security with a unique atmosphere of exclusivity, uniqueness and comfort as well as technical virtuosity leading to the highest level of reliability when driven in rough conditions.

2013-2020 Models based on Mercedes

Take a look at our past realizations. 

Carat 40 (based on Mercedes S Class V222)
Carat 100 (based on Mercedes-Maybach X222)
Carat 50 (based on Mercedes-Maybach X222)
Toyota Land Cruiser 200 extended by 30 cm in rear doors
Toyota Land Cruiser 200 extended by 50 cm in central section

SUV's Models 2007-2021

Take a look at our past realizations.

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