CARAT 1000

Prestigious 223 Limousine

Our 53 years of experience are all part of this State Limousine.

We unveil our new design for what is currently the only protected State Limousine on the market representing the perfect answer to protocolar and security requirements of States during official ceremonies.

With additional 1.000 mm in length (39.3 inches) and taller by 100 mm (3.9 inches), the Carat 1000 welcomes four occupants in its rear cabin.

The concept of roof raising

Raised roof concept was for the first time designed by our team in the late 90’s for the Mercedes S Class W220 extended by 1350 mm (53.1 inches).

Some years later, it was an honor for us to realize that the German Coachbuilder had adopted the same concept for its famous Pullman ©  State Limousine production of which is now ended.

With its high level of armouring, with or without optional rear Parade Roof, Carat 1000 is the most official security limousine within our models.

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