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This exceptional limousine is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. Our experience is worldwide renowned and unsurpassed since 1968. Compared to its Donor Car, this extended version is 500 mm longer (19.6 inches) and 100 mm taller (3.9 inches).

Wheelbase extension in central section and partition wall ensure the privacy between VVIP rear occupants and their driver.

ALL-NEW Partition wall with raised roof

The all-new partition design is a new milestone in our history. We are coming back our roots by combining the best traditions of automotive craftsmanship with up-to-date technologies.

Raised roof concept was for the first time designed by our House in the late 90’s for the Mercedes S Class W220 extended by 1350 mm (53.1 inches). As Carat Duchatelet standard, this concept is now adapted to this medium-size limousine and may be equipped with armoured Parade Roof for the rear compartment.

With its hight level of armouring, Carat 500 is the most enjoyable model for Heads of State who are looking for driving daily in a comfortable protected limousine without using an extra-long vehicle.

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