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Carat Duchatelet Flag Pole system

Exclusive flag poles development for official convoys

Benefits :

  • Use up to 180km/h (OEM system up to only 50 km/h)
  • Quality of manufacture
  • Resistance of assembly made for high speed
  • Customized mounting
  • Resistance proven with various installations on different models from several brands (Mercedes, Toyota, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, Lexus,.. ) for Exclusive Customers
  • Flag poles can be positioned according to the customer’s needs : front or rear of the fender

The different stages of development and manufacturing :

  • First this type of development requires complete reverse engineering by scanning fenders exterior and interior surfaces as well as chassis structural parts. Starting from this 3D scan we can recreate 3D surfaces to design requested parts. 
  • After that, we can proceed to computer modeling of different supports between car’s chassis  and wings. This step is very crucial as it provides a very strong stifness of the whole flagstaff, especially at high speed. While OEM’s ones are designed to drive at a maximum speed of 50km/h, ours are specifically designed with the proper structural reinforcement to the chassis to allow a speed above 180km/h without creating vibrations or worst without breaking. 
  • The wing inclination of each car model is different. The precision of the positioning and the stiffness of this one are thus very important. This shape is dedicated for each front wing to the OEM design.
  • After the confirmation by prototype, the production of the final parts of the support, as well as the machining of the various parts of the flagpole, is launched.
  • Finally, the fitting on the vehicle requires great precision to avoid any vibrations and deformation of the wing at high speed as well as the proper visual aspect. 
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