Sense of exclusivity

What is bespoke ?

Creating something that is truly bespoke is all part of our DNA. Only you can supply the most important “component” of your car: Your WISH-LIST.

We are dedicated to provide you the freedom to tailor your car completely to your taste and help you making your Carat Duchatelet vehicle a true expression of your individuality.

Designed and produced with the same painstaking attention to detail we employ in the development of our range of exclusive cars, our list of equipment, based on your wish-list, offers you a unique opportunity to enhance your vehicle without compromising its integrity.

Our customers play as much a part in how their Carat Duchatelet vehicle ultimately looks as we do. Far away from mass and series production, we are ready to design with you the model of your dreams and make it real. With 50 years of experience, we simply know how to do it.

With our voluntary limited production volumes, quality and exclusivity have never been so well defined.

Special projects